The Experience

I’ve dedicated my life to being a photographer and have had the honor of documenting hundreds of State College weddings—events large and small, at traditional venues and unique locations. With a quick click of the shutter, I preserve an instant in time—an eternal moment to be remembered and shared for generations to come. Knowing where to be when those moments happen, what light to look for, what angle to photograph from, how to handle unexpected situations…that’s where my skills and experience really come into play. I also provide insights on timing, suggestions for creative locations, and offer up a whole lot of inspiration!

The Passion

As a photographer, I have a passion for documenting and preserving the beauty I see around me every day. Nowhere is this more rewarding than when I’m capturing the love, emotion and spirit of a couple’s wedding day. I feed off of the energy and excitement. I’m inspired by the uniquely personal details. And I’m deeply moved by the love and pure emotion that’s shared. I channel all of this passion into my photographs and artfully create, edit and select images that help you relive the emotions and energy of your special day.

The Creativity

My career as a fine arts photographer has trained me to create the unexpected and inspiring out of the familiar. Whether that means uncovering introspective quiet in the loudest of venues or a unique take on a beloved landmark, I bring that same sense of spontaneity and creativity to your wedding day. I provide distinct, timeless images with an artful touch that inspire, excite and make people smile as they remember their favorite wedding memories.

The Total Package

Enough about me. What does this all mean for you? It means that you end up with the total package: an experienced and passionate photographer who will deliver authentic, romantic and artistic photos that celebrate your special day. I will personally edit each and every picture (at no extra cost), so you receive the perfect collection of high-resolution, digital images. Your digital collection is ready for direct download so you can share, print and use your photos in any way you’d like. After all, I believe you were the inspiration for the images, so you should get to keep them and do with them as you please.

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